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The journey started back in July 2017, when the Instagram handle Officialbootbible was set up. The goal was to post all things football boots and to engage with other likeminded boot enthusiasts.

Over the years, the Instagram following grew to a respectable level and the focus was to continue building The Boot Bible brand.

Throughout these years, many business models and monetisation opportunities have been explored with no real success.

Some of these ideas have included, but not limited too; buying and selling boots, sourcing football boots, paid posts and paid story posts. 

 Back in 2019 / 2020 some of the motivation changed as our goal was to get back playing football following 2x Major knee injuries... Many said we would never play again or if we did, it would be stupid!

However, that provided a purpose for collecting football boots. The comeback and return to football was the main focus and as a small incentive... We wanted to wear a different pair of boots for each game. The comeback was on...

But then Covid hit and our season has been cancelled.

After a few months of pondering whether we wanted to play football again or whether the boots in the collection should be sold.... IT CAME TO US!

Lets set up the first (To Our Knowledge!)  dedicated Football Boot / Sports Marketplace Store, providing a platform for sellers to sell their boots in an easy and secure manner.

This site is very much still work in progress and some key features are still missing... But we didn't want to waste time and launching this platform was a key priority. 

It goes without saying that amendments and feature upgrades will take place along the way... However, the store is now set up to support transactions for both buying and selling football boots!!

Other products may follow... But for now, it's only Football Boots.

We welcome all feedback and improvement ideas as we grow on this journey and we would love for you to be a part of it. 


The Boot Bible